1/2 inch brake m/cyl with mirror mount needed?

Gooday Bif and Vf Brains Trust,
I bought a1/2 Blackbird M/Cyl for my 85 F, but realised once I unpacked it that I need one which incorporates a mirror mount boss. Can anyone suggest one suitable?


Hi Greg,try one from a CB1300.
These have mirror mounts.
Why a 1/2 inch master tho?
Although the ratio will give the same braking effect for less lever effort,it will also give you a lot of lever travel.
Regards Bif

Yeah, I went with this set -up and found the lever travel was excessive, especially as the pads wore.

Went back to the 5/8 set up and made some adjustments so that the lever mount was as far up the bar as possible, and the throttle tube as far down as possible to allow my hand to rest further down in relation to the lever. Still takes a good old squeeze but feel is better.

Gooday Ascalon and Bif,
sorry have been labouring with a uni assignment, and had forgotten my post.At nearly 63 years old study is tough!
I take your points about lever travel, I spose logically pads are so cheap it`s easier to chuck in new sets earlier to limit the travel. Will look closely at mounting to get optimum grab spot.
I just got the tank back from painter who was applying decals and clear coat, only front end rebuild to go and it will be back on the road, woooohooo!!!