1000R Starter Removal

Hi there

Owned my 1000R for a few years. Had it running a few years ago but it’s been sitting
Recently the starter has failed.
I have a repair manual for an “F” that just says remove two bolts.
But on the R it seems a lot more involved. There’s a big exhaust pipe (muffler?) Right under the bike above the V shaped lower fairing.

I’d like to take it off and bench test it.

Thank you!

Thre are only two bolts holding the starter in place.
Do you have the California model R,it was fitted with a lot of emission control gubbins and that may well be in front of the starter motor.

Are you sure, that it is the starter itself? Maybe only switch or relais are failing?

My US workshop manual shows only this 2 bolts to be removed.

I’m almost 100% sure it’s the starter. I can hear the relay click. And the starter worked a few weeks ago, but VERY slow. I think it finally died.
Is my “F” manual correct that it is removed from under the bike ?

If the battery checks out ok ,bridge the relay terminals with a heavy screwdriver.If the result is the same the starter needs to come out

This lot will have to be moved to access the starter

It could also be resistance in the cables. If your battery is good, you can just bridge directly from the starter at the screw that holds the cable to the + of the battery with this cable used to give stating help to other cars. Be sure to have neutral gear in.