16" Tyres

I am about to buy a VF1000E but am a little worried about availability of the front 16" tyres, are they easy enough to aource a decent tyre, is there much choice ? don’t want my VF ownership to be spoiled by a silly thing like that, would I be better waiting for a VF1000F to come along (the later VF’s I believe have 18" front wheels), thanks for any help and advice.

No problem at all with tyres, I’ve just bought Avon RoadRiders in 120/80 16 and 140/80 17 for my FE for £170 fitted,they are a very good sport touring tyre ( had them on my K100RS for yrs ). But many other sportier tyres are available including Bridgestone BT45’s and Pirelli Super Demons in those sizes.

I just ordered the new Dunlop GT501’s in stock 84 VF1000F sizes.