1984 VF1000F camchain tensioner(s?)

Hi guys!

I`m a Norwegian guy in the need of some info on the camchain tensioner(s?) on the VF1000F.
A friend is asking me if I can get him some new ones and replace them.

How is the tensioning setup on these engines? Is it a regular hydraulic tensioner like on inline four cyl engines?
I did some googling and it looks like there is a tensioning device inside the rocker cover?

How many tensioners are there? One per bank?

The bike has 84.000kms on the clocks, will it be worthless to change the tensioners without changing the chains?

It would be really nice if someone could get back to me on this.



Hi and welcome to the forum.
To answer your question there is one tensioner for each bank of cylinders,comprising of a spring loaded arm acting on a rubber coated spring steel blade which bends in order to take up the slack in the chain.
If you download the manual from this site,it has detailed pictures of the mechanism.
At 50000 miles I would be changing the chains too.
Regards Bif

But on my VF G, the cam chains and tensioners are still the original ones at 100 000+miles… And you can ask Marmitte, she’s still running well!