1986 honda vf1000 total part out-Los Angeles, CA

1984-1988 Honda vf1000 parts available.

the bike is in excellent condition and has most of its parts except for a few pieces of plastic.

doesn’t appear to have ever been damaged.

mostly years of neglect.

pick a part, name a price.

contact me for specific parts requests.

I’ll accept paypal and ship with tracking numbers for whatever USPS charges me.

respond, or cbcoker@gmail.com

price drop.

$80 carbs
$40 swingarm
$50 headers
$30 subframe
$50 gas tank
$40 radiator
$15 head light
$40 forks

inquire about any other parts. I have everything except wheels, brakes, axles and fuel pump

Hi, Do you still have the Camshafts & followers for the rear head? I’m located in the UK, so will require overseas shipping.

Regards Al

Yes, I have both camshafts and followers for the rear cylinder. Pm me your address and I’ll put the parts in a box and see what shipping costs to the uk and can provide you with a total cost. Do you need any other parts?


No wheels, missing one exhaust can shaft and 3 can followers, no brakes.

Let me know what you need and where you live and I’ll let you know what it costs to sell and ship those parts to you.

lots of good parts available and a motivated seller.

send me your queries, questions or specific parts requests.

Hi there, I need the carbs for vf1000 do you still have them thanx

Carbs are gone. Is there anything else you need?

No thanx

Hey do you have any cylinder head cover bolts I could buy? If so how much would they cost?

I’ll buy the headers if you still have them! Thanks, Shawn