2 small and 2 larger Sprgs?

When I was taking Carbs apart .Noticed these sprgs fell out.Do they in between certain
Fuel Joints .?

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How big are the springs as there are springs on the carb balancing screws and also on the balancing mechanism there are also larger springs between the carbs

Gary looks like they may go between certain fuel tube Joints.I know it requires 3 of each
And Part #s are 16052-MB0-771 and 16053-MB0-771 if that helps.?

If there are 3 then they are from the balancing screws

Ok Gary . You mean Air mixture screws . If thats the case the plugs were never removed .? Figure that out they were laying in the middle of the Motor when I pulled the Carbs off ?

No not air mixture screws, there are three carb balancing screws on the ends of the main butterfly valve shafts and when the carbs are fully built the springs fit between the two parts of the adjuster and if the top aluminium plenum chamber is removed they will fall out along with the two preload springs that go between the two pairs of carbs.


in pic 1 the preload or thrust spring is (2) and the balancing spring as (3) though its not very clear in picture where it goes and in pic 2 the balancing springs are (1) and (2) with the thrust spring (4). as soon as the carbs are moved these fall out and usually sit ontop of the engine.

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Ok Thks #4 is that the larger Sprg.? And what # would the smaller Sprg be ?
I do have a Honda Shop manual for this Bike by the way…This one of the most complicated bikes I have ever worked on.,.

 Thks Gary.
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There are 3 of each right ? I found 2 of each Ordered 1 of each from Honda

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#4 is the larger spring, there are 3 but 1 doesn’t usually fall out and the smaller ones are #1 and #3 in pic 2 and #3 in pic 1, these can only be fitted when carbs are fully built and attached to the aluminium plenum chamber and are to stop any play in the balancing mechanism.

So you don"t install Carbs separately then attach Plenum,.?


You must be pretty familiar with this Bike .? You have Facebook ?
Might need more of your Help here,.? lol

you have to build up the carbs off the bike and install as a unit. i don’t do face book but any help you need will be found here from me or the other owners just post your question. if you are in the uk then there is a chance somebody may be local who can help you.

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Ok Thks live in the States actually lol

So does anybody have any pics of where the the Thrust sprgs go on the VF 1000. ?


On this picture you can see one, it is between the two balance adjusters. Centre of picture in the middle of the nearest carbs. It’s not a very strong spring. The other springs go on the other side of the adjuster screws to keep the adjusters solid.

Thks to everyone for their help and Pics. For figuring this all out for me.
So the only way to put these Carbs together is with the Plenum ?

Yes, fully built up before installation. Connect the throttle cables and the way I do it is to have the rear carb insulator rubbers partly removed so they point upwards a bit more then push front carbs into their rubbers fully and rest the rear carbs on the tilted rubbers and push down on the plenum at the rear pushing the carbs into the rubbers and the rubbers onto the the engine. I also coat the inside of rubbers and outside of the carb where they enter the rubber with washing up liquid. Everyone will have their own way of doing it and after you’ve done it several times you will develop your own way.

Finally got the together. But I lost one of the Plastic collars that go on to the Choke lever assembly.