Hi All,
If anybody is interested I have just seen a 650mile VF1000RF for sale on Ebay UK. European spec blue colour scheme (not Rothmans). Nice looking bike.
Starting bid £3500
Item no. 220682702279

All the best
Andy [8D]

Got my eye on it.I have a price i can go up to and thats it.I have a feeling it might go up to big big money as not many nice ones left.Fingers crossed but will have to wait and see.

Crooky and anyone else that may be watching this,
Just noticed. He says 650 miles since import and it is showing 647miles so its had a new speedo and it was imported 1997. He doesn’t mention anything about how many miles between 1986 and 1997!!

This is a real long shot! (and I mean long!!)
Somebody named Andy asked a question on Ebay about this bike saying they had a 1000RE in a shed with a duff engine. If you just happen to be a member of this forum, whoever you are or if somebody knows who it is please could you contact me.
Long shot I know, but “Don’t ask,don’t get!!”

Its mine now,yeh hooooooo.

Went to pick it up today and what a piece of poop.I left it where it was.500 mile round trip to see a bike that looked like it had done 40k and not 600 miles.If it get put back on e-bay due to timewaster this why i did not buy it.

Rusty frame rails been rubbed down with a scotchbrite pad
Front discs badly worn
Front forks hand painted red over the corrosion
Damaged fairing RHS hand painted with no prep
Crazing on nearly all the plastics and splits on some mounting points
Seat had half the foam cut out leaving a baggy cover
Big dent in the rear wheel rim,looked like a slipped chisel
Floppy footrests with badly worn rubbers
Footrest hangers with peeling laquer
Top yoke was almost black and not much gold paint left
Rusty chain
Hand painted silencer pipes to cover the rust but only on the outside faces,on the bike side where your brush wont go easily still bright orange rust.
On the plus side it ran nice and sounded lovely and at 2k probably worth a look but not at 3 1/2 grand.

Well its back on,or maybe not. He’s listed another VF1000R now, this ones mainly red with blue and white, whereas the one he listed recently was mainly blue with red flashes. Something funny here cos neither bike looks bad in the pics, so are the pics from a past life, or of another bike? Maybe ebay should be informed?

That was the other one he had,He spent saturday telling me how tired it was and about the loose top end and it had had a hard life in its 16k.
Its in better nick cosmetically than the supposed 647 mile one.He offered me a deal on it when i said the other one was not worth the money,after telling me how tired it was.

Can you say where the ‘R’ was for sale? What County maybe, it may save others some hassle.

It was in Devon.The guy has had it advertised since in Classic bike and Classic mechanics and still insists it has only done 647 miles.The guy is dillusional.For 2k it would be worth it but not 3 1/2k.
The bike is just not as he descibes it.

Thanks for the info. VERY USEFUL. Much appreciated.