'84 1000F Wiring

Hello Honda owners! I am new to the forum, and have been enjoying these bikes for a long time. My latest is a '84 1000F. I am missing the wiring harness from the sender to the gauge. If there is any one of you in possession of this part with no need of it, please message me. I am more than willing to pay fair price. Thanks!

I bought a 1984 vf100f 8 years ago and sent the carbs out to have them cleaned. before i got them back from the gentleman he passed away and i have no idea what his family did with them so i parked the bike and had given up on it. but now with them becoming more of a classic my interest has been re peaked does anyone know if there are alternate carbs i could use or where i could get a hold of an original set.

It’s a long way from the sender to the gauge,would I be correct in thinking you are looking for the section that attaches to the sender and connects to the main loom with a two pin connector?
Regards Bif

A lot depends on your location,there is a company in the U.S. Selling refurbed sets for all the V4s.
They can be found on eBay.com
eBay is a good source for second hand sets but I would stick to the original carbs for your model,that info can be found on this site and will save a lot of problems.
Some countries had restricted carbs which are best avoided unless these are what you require.
Regards Bif