Accessory Connector

I have a dumb question for my learned co owners.

I’m just looking over the wiring diagram in the Clymer manual for the VF1000.

In the bottom left hand corner there is a pair of wires that are just described as “accessory connectors”. It’s my intention to run in a power supply for a sat nav, but I don’t want to hard wire it to the battery with an in line fuse, I want the power to the mount to be killed when the ignition’s turned off.

Is there actually an accessory connector already “built in”, and if so, where is it?20200816_130338

I don’t trust the Clymer manual,they have got the cam timing wrong so don’t put any store by their wiring diagram.
Trace the brown back and I think you will find it’s the feed for the position(side)light


In guess you want to place your navigation system near the cockpit?
My hint would bei using black/brown from either gauges or oil pressure/neutral light. This is 12V switched via ignition key and green on the same cable tree for ground.
I posted a pic in my 1000R navigation holder thread.

If you don’t want to cut any cable, you can mount crimped contacts to the temperature gauge.

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I have a mounting point on the clutch master cylinder, so I’m looking for a suitable power pick up that’s switched from the key without having to route wires any further than necessary.

My thought was to tap into the brown wire from the ignition switch, and earth it via any suitable local green wire.

I’m also thinking about an in line fuse, too.

My 84’ VF1000 has the accessory connectors at the left lower corner of the headlight. There’s a brown and a green single bullet connector right next to the right turn signal connections.