Advice needed buy VF1000F 1984

Hi Guys,

first let me introduce myself. I am yoan and i live in The Netherlands.

Tonight i am going to look for a VF1000F from 1984.

What things should I inspect typical to a VF1000F?

I own a CBR1100xx Blackbird so the common things i am familiar with but not typical things of a VF1000F.

thanks for your trouble.

Make sure you hear it running! Any top end rattles could be very expensive and parts are getting scarce. Main problem was poor lubrication to the heads with original Honda design, check for braided steel oil lines to the heads which indicate an oil mod has been fitted. Modded oil lines could be fed from either below the clutch cover or from the back of the oil filter, both types of mod work, provided they were done before the cams lunched themselves) If it’s quiet now, you should be OK. Check condition of the exhaust collector box under the engine, they rot, replacements in stainless steel are available on here from Crooky(top man)if needed. Rear seat grab rails can bend and stress the rear bodywork if pillions taken regularly, so the seat cowling looks misaligned from the rear. Parts can be found to fix this though too. Other than that, not much to be concerned about. The main thing to watch for is worn cams as mentioned, so good hunting.

Thx scratcher. That is very useful info. Tonight I will see the VF1000. Should be yesterday but today is the day.