Alternative wheels

Has anybody ever fitted cast alloy wheels to the FE from another model ie: cbr 1000’s 600’s or similar, as an alternative to the comstars, I have just started rebuilding the one I have been using for spares[xx(] I am not going the original route on this one, its getting painted black and I intend polishing as much ally as I can till just before I lose sanity, just took me a bloody week to do the swinging arm[:o)]

hi phil,
i think one of the american guys, either dave dodge or dale walker had fitted cbr600 wheels to a vf, seem to remember they had to grind the speedo drive to get front to fit, looked a bit pants if i remember right.


to add, the wheels looked ok, it was just the grinding the speedo drive that looked a bit cowboy…“keep digging pete you’ll soon be out of trouble”

Here’s some info on it