Am I just the luckiest???

Hi guys, thought I’d introduce myself by way of a gloat… Have just fallen upon the motorcycling catch of the century! A VF1000R which has only 70 miles on the clock and has been stored in a guys living room since he imported it from the states new in eighty six! Can’t wait to take delivery!

Up to now I’ve ben gracing the Ducati forums but now my 749s just has to go sadly. Nice to be amongst you! [:D]

You lucky, lucky, lucky Barsteward!!!

What are your lottery numbers, by the way??

Welcome to the forum and don’t worry, I’m sure the rest of the guys will start talking to you once they’ve picked themselves up off the floor!

You lucky, lucky, lucky sod!

hi, that sure is some find…cant imagin having a motor bike in living room,especialy for 20+ years?..supose the wife got fed up of vacuming around it,or may be it no longer matched the decor…sounds like its a cold garage, and no more day time tv for the vf from now on then…

Hehe! You Bunny Fuggers! Yes I am luckier than the world champion luckysod on national luckysod day and no mistake! Yes she will be gettin withdrawal symptoms from daytime tv alright. No time for tv now as I’m gonna ride yer arse off! Hehe!

Though that’s the problem isn’t it? Gonna feel real guilty puttin’ the miles on her…

Thanx for the welcome!

Originally posted by Courageous

Gonna feel real guilty puttin’ the miles on her…

I guess that depends on how much she cost.