another sad f2f

lost it into a bend last monday , the bike just went from underme in the wet and trashed the right hand fairing, the front pannel with the air vents around the speedo is bust , the brake ;lever needs replacing, the fairing needs a new set of decals if they can plastic really weld it. fill it . what ever to make it look less trashed. Really need some fairing screws which no one seems to have and the dzuz fairing fasteners . managed to plastic weld the rear fairing bolt hols back on both sided so that wont fall off
The indicator went straight through the fairing so the indicator surround it missing and need the blacl/grey one not silver, and will have to build up the insiude of the fairing somehow to re seat it . Anyway if anyone can help or has parts or ideas please get in touch

Sorry to hear that. I found a brake lever on eBay right now. I also saw a full set of decals

Hope this helps!