Anyone need engine parts for VF1000F?

Got the donor motor, now I can part out the old one. Original had the front cam issue, other than that parts are good. or text 210-557-0344. Brian

Very happy to hear you are back on the road Brian,I would be very tempted to hang on to the original motor and source the necessary parts to repair it.
The fact is they aren’t making any more of these babies and you know at least part of the history of this engine.
Im a little too far away in Scotland to ship anything like a whole engine although I am looking for a set of interceptor/FE crankcases for my next project which will have an FE/R hybrid engine.
Regards Bif

Too far from me too,alas! :’(

Here she is!

is that the down under edition

Nice bike and a nice Sting Ray aside! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

bike looks great, far too good to part out, wish my tyre’s were as sticky as those ::slight_smile:

hi, yes i need a starter, it wont turn any longer, to my 85mod vf 1000f, also interesed in trim eksos .

I have a starter, email me at Brian

The tires are new, but not really that sticky. Contrary to what the photo appears to show, it is NOT hanging from the ceiling! haha

I’m chasing the exhaust cam in the rear bank part number 14141-MB6-000 -> 14141-MB6-010 -> 14141-MB6-306.

I have that, but haven’t torn the motor down yet.

hi im after a starter motor mitsuba sm2 for my VF very much appreciated if you can assist,my e.mail is,many thanks Paul :wink:

Hello! I am looking for the wiring harness from the tank to the fuel gauge. Thanks.

Hi there I’m looking for carbs for vf1000, still have yours for sale? Thanx