Are these screws JIS

My bike runs Okay & then every now & again it decides to run like a pig & will barely rev even off load. So I have a fuel starvation problem, fair enough.
I have checked the flow from the tank, replaced the in line filter, checked the fuel pump, which leave the carb`s.

So I have another question which I think I know the answer but here goes.
what type of screws (4) hold the metal plate down above the carburettor’s?.

I assume they are JIS screws – can someone confirm this or tell me what they instead.
do look original.

dont take them off they hold the carbs together

Okay thanks for the info – next question how do the carbs come out?

With great skill and good planning
This is for a vf1000fe 1984 but will work for most vfs
done it many times now.
seat and tank off,and side panels,disconnect plug for sender unit ,
undo choke cable and remove at carbs end.
remove all eight clips then wiggle and tilt up rear carbs and carefully lift out of rear rubbers then slide out of front rubbers then lift them away.
dont forget to disconnect the thottle cables with a 10mm small spanner. dont loose the mini carb springs,bastard to get in again.Lloyd

Hi Windysolar1

Thank you for the information & I will give it a go later when I have a free day.

Cheers bert