Article in CMC

Have you noticed, that there was a “spotters guide”-article of VF1000:s in the latest (?, bought it in the end of October) issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics. Nice writing, and inaccurate information, plus the same old ugly prototype photo of F2-model. Other photos were nice,though.

How about scan the article and post it.

OK, I’ll do that tomorrow. Where should I post it, I do not have a place to keep it for download.

Hi Pekka, you can sign up for a free account with Windows Live Skydrive and upload it there, then just post a link for it.

I’d prefer to send a copy by email, instead to spread it allover the internet, publisher will soon be breathing my neck. Please send you address to me, pekka(dot)koivu(at)finnlog(dot)fi , and I mail it over. would like a copy if its still around