Aussie colour schemes

Hi guys, can anyone help me with pictures of the Australian colour schemes for the 1984 FE model please? Would be nice to restore the bike to an original scheme

Hi rob.
As far as I know australia had the European colours which are red/white/Blue. …red and black… and black and silver…there will be plenty of pics in the picture gallery

Thanks Pete. Another question to you as the font of VF knowledge, is there a cheaper place to purchase the carb pipes other than eBay. The eBay set works our at about AUD$120 delivered!

hi rob,
to be honest i havent a clue where you minght find new ones cheeper, are you wanting a full set or are you just replacing one or two broken ones,
you will need to be carefull because the later ff model had different fuel and breather tube than whats on the fe.