Aussie VF1000FF

Well I figured I should at least post a pic of the old girl that I used as a guinea pig while teaching myself to spray paint.

While I am very happy with the result, considering the experience or lack of on the part of the painter, I do have a couple of very minor blemishes that don’t show in pics and you really have to look hard to see them, probably me being OCD about it.

hi tony,
looking good, I think the red/white and blue looks great, better than any of the original colour options used by honda on the FF’s

Haha, thanks Pete, but if you knew how I arrived at those colours you might have a laugh!

I always liked the RWB colour scheme, but the paint shops around here have never heard of Shasta White etc, so I had a look around the shed and found that I had some Holden Rodeo Alpine white that came with a utility I bought some years ago, a bit of Mars red from a Maico I paid to have painted ten years ago and I had to buy a small tin of Ford Aurora Blue from a Ford Ranger and a litre of clear coat.

I never intended to reproduce an authentic Honda colour scheme, it just kind of worked out the way I wanted it, nothing authentic or too outrageous either, kind of looking for the colour scheme that looks like it might have been done by Honda, without being done by Honda if that makes sense?

Beautiful very much