Australian Bol D'or

Hi all,

Picked up my first VF1000F2 in June this year (have had/got a few VFR’s already) but fell in love with the Bol D’or - its a bit of an ugly duckling in some ways but that’s what made it even more attractive, plus its just so 80’s!

Anyway the bike hadn’t run for a very long time, carbs were off, brakes were seized just the usual stuff. Initially my plan was just to clean it up and use it whilst I finish off a couple of other bike builds that I’ve also got in progress, but after getting it running again I’m full speed ahead on it. (Can’t beat that V4 noise).

So off to work I went. Its now turned into a slightly bigger project. I ended getting a second bike to use for parts (but its actually in reasonable shape) so have been swapping some parts around, it needs a new carb body for cylinder no 3 (right rear?) if anyone in Oz can help, but I will try and save that bike too.

I’ve managed to source nearly a full set of fairings in silver, so in the process of cleaning those up as well as sorting the remaining issues and then detailing the bike, I’m trying not to restore this bike as it’s in pretty good original condition still, so really looking to preserve, clean, polish and detail wherever possible.

Will keep posting updates as I go along.

Top photo is when I got the bike:

Couple of in progress shots:

Parts bike, original advertisement pictures: