back on the road

My VF1000FF is now back on the road.I paid £900 for it from a member on here,I knew it needed some work but it was in quite stunning condition for a 23 yr old bike with 44K showing so i took a chance.
I gave it to a bike mechanic friend of mine from the Sports moped club that i’m in.He used to race a VF years ago so knows them pretty well.I asked him to go through the whole bike from top to bottom and get it it MOT’d.
This is what it needed.
Rear shock,Pro-Link bushes,bearings and shafts,front and rear caliper repair kits plus pads,fork seals and dust covers,two new tyres,cush drive rubbers,radiator fan switch-replaced with a vf400 one that comes on 10deg’s cooler,wheel bearings,valves set,carbs balanced,coolant,synthetic oil,plugs,air filter,oil filter and bill for £955.
I was expecting a bigger bill than that as i know how time consuming the VF’s are to work on.I am well chuffed,i now have a totally sorted VF1000 in excellent condition that has been saved from a damp shed and is now back on the road.
Thanks for reading

Great! Another VF successfully returned to the road, where they belong! Bet you’re loving it!