Been out riding.

I have been using my VF1000 FE every day for work over the past couple of weeks since summer arrived, really great fun, these old bikes are still capable of mixing it with much later bikes, I had a bit of a dice with a guy on an R6, the guy could not ride bends at all, with his matching leathers etc, he was very frustrated at getting overtaken by an old VF thou.

Ha Ha, Keep up the good work Charlie[8D]

Just balanced the carbs and did a compression test, cylinders 2,3,4 showing ~170psi and 1 showing ~180! carb 2 vacuum was way off… All sorted now!
Took it out for a spin with my stepfather driving his 79 CBX… He wants a faster bike now lol…
Also came across an R6, he was very surprised when I went by him as well…
Hoping to jet the carbs and slap in a high flow air filter to go with the yoshimura cans this winter when I overhaul the extra heads I have kicking around.

[:)]would WinDeX post a picture of where the carb adjustment screws are on your bike as I have no idea where they are , I have a set of new gauges sitting here ready to balance my bike but dont know where to find them,I looked in the vf1000f manual but failed[?]

I will take a picture of the location tomorrow (too dark right now to take them)
They are a pain to get to. you can reach the number 2 carb screw with a 7mm wrench if its long enough, carbs 1 and 3 are trickier, i used a 7mm socket on the short end of an allen key with the long end stuck in the end of a screwdriver that uses the bits…

The number 2 adjuster is tucked in behind the idle adjuster screw on the right side of the bike (behind and up, its the screw that has a spring tension-er on it and youll see it move when you twist the throttle)

Number 1 and 3 screws are right beside each other on the left side of the bike (number 1 is the one closest to the outside of the bike). You have to look in and up for them as well.

Took me a while to see them, number 2 is the easiest to see, once you see it you’ll know what your looking for on the other side

Well I got a flashlight and was able to snap the pics

The first picture is the right side of the bike

The second picture is the left side of the bike

You have to get down on your knees and look up into the bike to see them

Hope this helps!! if you need better pics let me know and i will take them in the day time

wonderful,thanks for that I will plug them up in the next 2-3 days if the sun shines

cheers again[:D]

Well let me know how you get along!

suns shining so here goes
got my gauges plugged in and they are out of sync quite a bit
Now the fiddly bit this is where blood is spilled
now to adjust them to no 4 carb reference

back soon[8D]

hope it goes good… Took such a long time the first time I ever did it, plug screws stuck, looking for the adjuster screws, trying to figure out what to use to reach the screw etc… Hopefully you get it all done with no problems! Good luck!

How’d the syncing go? hateful isn’t it? lol

will try again on the next sunny day[}:)]

How’d you get along with the balancing windsolar?