Blue's bike

heres my bike no not original but i like it\

Bluey - I like it - a lot! :slight_smile:

I like it ! def a one off

Looks great! Nice job on the pipes, you’re a bit of a hand with the Tig by the look of it :slight_smile:

Looks great, my favourite colour too…

Looks good in black, I have started to repaint mine Panther black pearl, also made up a number plate bracket in fibreglass to tidy up the rear, although the HUGE uk number plate still spoils it!

Looks great.
Nice job


I forgot to ask what size is the rear tire?
Is it the stock rim?

G’day Fellas
Thanks for all the you beaut comments on my bike , it took me 2 and half years to do (lotsa beers and swearing) not the easiest things to work on , even to this day i don’t know why i chose a VF.
Hi Planty nah its not my welding i work in an engineering workshop i got a mate to weld it for me it took about 3 weeks to make them , cut bits of pipe,tack them,take them home,try them,no good,do it all again.It sounds good though.
Hello Gunnar that rear cowl came up a treat thankyou (i had to make a new bracket for the seat lock). The rear rim is standard 17" x 4" (i think thats standard) i polished both sides of the rims on a lathe, shit of a job takes a lot of work to remove anodized paint. The rear tyre is a Bridgestone Battlax BT 45r 140/70-17.

Cheers Bluey.