Bol D'or or 'R'

Just joined forum, first post. I currently own a 1986 F2F Bol D’or, 21,000 miles, mint, red, std apart from Laser cans fitted. I have heard about a very low mileage 1985 ‘R’ model and would like members views about which is best? and why? Also, what is mine worth realistically? Best place to advertise? Steve

I have a red 86’ Bol as well and i love it.Mine is close to mint and done 32k and i paid £1100 for it.
People dont seem to want to pay more than about £1300 for the VF’s.The bad reputation the whole range has i think holds the prices down although decent R’s seem to be going up in value,i know of one that went for 6K with 19K on the clock.I was going to buy it but someone else paid the full asking price before i could get there.My 86’ FF i only paid £900 and it is very tidy indeed.I prefer the Bold’or for long distance rides but the FF for riding round.If i had not just bought a GTR1400 i would buy your one as well but i need to get some more funds now for my bike hobby.What sort of money was you hoping for?

I have just accepted an offer of 1700 for her. I’m sorry to sell but really fancy the R model.

Hi Steviet,
Just a note of caution. You say you have heard about a very low mileage “R”. Have you read the post on this forum about the 650mile one that crooky went to see? Hope it isn’t that one!!

I bought a -86 R-engine, overhauled it and swapped into BolD’or. Now happy, because I use the bike more for longer trips. I love that gear sound.

Looks like you made your mind up.The Bol made good money at £1700,12-13 is usually about top price.An R in as good condition is going to be £3000 plus.I rode our Bol from Scotland to Normandy along with Pete on the FE,It was a blast.Not the outright performance of my Blackbird but a great ride.The R however is not my choice for jaunt like that.Its first trip overseas will be the Nurburgring once we have finished doing a few mods.BIF

Thanks to all of you for your help and replies. My prospective buyer has pulled out of the Bol D’or purchase so I still have it for sale. The “low” mileage R I heard about was very probably the same one referred to in other posts. I will investigate further before I embark upon a 600 mile plus round trip from Lancashire where I live.
If anybody wants a VERY near mint '86 Bol D’or please contact me. It is totally standard apart from having Laser cans fitted. [:)]

Hi Steviet,

I am assuming that is a photo of your F2 recently added to the gallery. What model laser cans are they? The laser online catalogue shows lists a jama style can for the vf1000. Yours look heaps better.


Hi Steve glad to see you found your way into here as per my advice… I Still think you are better off with your F2F than an R specially if someone has already checked it out and isnt overwhelmed by it , You bike is a cracker though it would look better with a set of black chrome cans on it … Anyway keep in touch …

I’m not sure which Laser cans I have fitted but I’ll try to find out and post details. A big thankyou to all who have helped out so far. I think I’ll probably be a VF owner for some time yet. Something else will just have to go instead!!

Looking at what a clean and beautiful example yours is, I don’t think you would be happy with that “R” if it’s the one I originaly posted on here. It really doesn’t sound a nice bike. Also depending on the kind of riding you do the “R” might not be suitable, cos if you do much town riding where there is no speed involved and lots of roundabouts etc. the “R” is not a comfy bike to ride. With that type of riding the “R” is really hard work and hard on the wrists, but they do come in to their own on the open road and look good.
Good luck.