boldor decals

I dont seem to be having much success in my search for a decal set for the red f2f boldor, has anyone ever had these reproduced or know of anyone who has them ?
Also, does anyone know if the honda decal on the red and silver ff is the same size and colour as the boldor ?
any help will be much appreciated


Hi Pete,I had all the decals copied apart from the fairing sides with the BolDor on them.
The size and colour of the decals on the FF are the same.
I had the tailpiece stripe made up of two layers of vinyl.
The tank I used was in good condition so I didn’t need to do anything with it.
The stripe on the tank is painted with a pinstripe either side.
Getting vinyl in the exact colour was not possible so I got what was nearest to it.
If it’s a total repaint it wouldn’t be a problem as everything would match anyway.
The graphics company I used took digital photos of the decals,scaled them and copied them onto vinyl for me.
Regards Bif

hi bif,
thanks for the info, i can’t beleive this but ive just changed my search engine from google to bing and come up with this company in america, they do either a full set for the boldor or seperate decals, they arn’t original copies just lettering only, there is a choice of colours and sizes (yes it is nearly 3.00 in the morning and ive just been in the garage to measure the tank lettering… bonkers) sizes look pretty much spot on, about £40 including shipping to uk…

Well found Pete,set 494 looks to be all you need.
That just leaves the top stripe to sort out
Regards Bif

look on I got mine from Germany …

My understanding is that they are copyright and therefore can’t be advertised without being told to take the advert down ( after a while) That’s why if you go to a printer they can do it “simples” - no-one needs to know.

hi radical/martin,
thanks for your input, as it happens i decided to order a set from i cant beleive it, i ordered them on sunday, they arived on thursday… 4 days thats pretty impressive, i did get the impression from there website that they were based in canada but the decals were posted out of malta…
the decals are pretty close except the “boldor” lettering is slightly different.

Lettering “Slightly different” - what like …BOLDOOR" ? :o