Boldor fan direction

After the recent scotish trip in noticed that my boldor fan blows air forward through the radiator, which seems strange as my fe,ff and rf all pull air through the rad and over the the engine… is this correct ?

check the wires to the fan because they are DC motors which can run in both directions
should be sucking from the radiator,with air flowing from front to back.
if wired the other way it would cause overheating :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,the fans should be sucking,one rotates clockwise the other anti-clockwise,if you swap the couplers over at the plugs on the loom that should solve the problem
Regards Bif

Thanks guys… I thought it was strange… that’s probably why the boldor boiled over when we were trying to jump start pauls ducati from mine…

Pete, you had it on “Reverse Thrust” mode - that’s for when you’re landing. On normal usage it should be on “Take Off” mode. ;D
Captain Peacock.

Lol martin… its probably why I’m so slow ;D… may be I could increase the fan speed to pull me through the air faster ;D