Boldor on eBay??????????

Boldor or fe on eBay, just noticed a bike readvertised on ebay, when first on it was advertised as a Boldor but the winning bidder noticed it says fe on log book, so what is it, if it is a 83 stroke 84 then must be fe but the amount of work required to change a fe to a bol is substantial, any ideas guys

Hi Paul,engine no. Is correct for a Bol,the frame has the features of a Bol(foot rests mounts and curved down rails to clear rear heads) BUT the frame number is from an FE.
Some explaining needed, but I wouldn’t be happy parting with hard earned green until I had some definitive answers.
You pays your money etc…
Regards Bif

I am looking for a 1000F or a bol d’or. I won the auction last week and went over to collect. I asked about it being an A registered bike, the log book said it is a 1984 VF1000E. It seemed to be a hybrid to be honest. Anyway they were OK about me not taking it. It is well tatty though, needs lots of TLC.

Hi Viffer,
yes intriguing, just checked it out on ebay UK, why anyone would go to that amount of trouble changing all bodywork over is baffling, unless it was a cosmetically wrecked FE, and they had a donor BD?
As you`d be aware, the great thing about the BD is the later motor with harder cams, line bored heads, and the oil cooler.
Maybe worth checking to see if the BD radiator and oil cooler are fitted, otherwise, for me it would be a parts bike…

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There is no way it’s an FE frame,even from the pics on EBay that much is obvious,did you check the vin tag viffer?
It is possible to change the tag but it would be obvious that it had been messed with.
there are two silver Bols on for sale,this one has dubious heritage to say the least and the other is on a Q plate.
The second bike sold only a couple of weeks ago but the present owner now finds himself too short of time to take on a project,my how things can change in a fortnight(that was sarcasm for those who are not familiar with me)
I’m always on the lookout for vfs but wouldn’t touch either of these
Regards Bif

Bif, no I didn’t check VIN plate, from what I could see in fairly poor light the headstock frame number seemed to match the log book. Oh well Ill keep looking!

Am currently bidding on this one.
I had the FF in 86 through to 93 and enjoyed it, always stuck with Hondas v engines and have not been disappointed.

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My suspicion is that it might well be a “cut and shut” jobby. Im not suggesting the present owner has done this but possibly the plate ( & V5) from one was put onto the chassis of a Bol.

Yes Marmite thats what I was thinking when I viewed it, so I thought it would be a nightmare not knowing which parts were off which model (not having enough knowledge of VF1000 and there being quite a few changes FE to FF). Also the wiring loom under the seat looked a bit hacked at some point in the last 33 years!

Anyone know who finally bought this bike?