cam chain guides

Hello does anyone out there know where i might be able to buy some cam guides in Australia, the steel ones down the bottom where the slipper sits into are also damaged one broken and one bent. I live in Sydney and i have an 85 FF 1000 any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had better luck buying parts from overseas, Ebay also has a lot of parts mainly from OS.

David silver in the UK

Econohonda in NZ


Good Luck !

Don’t think the last link worked


thanks planty i will give it a go

Hi Searley,

I might have some spare second hand ones available for a small fee if you are interested in looking through a box of engine bits and i live at Fairfield East. Ring me on 0418565377 if you are interested.


I have 2 sets, new & original parts, I you haven´t found already

One still available…