Cam chain replacement

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has ever replaced their cam chain? My VF1000FE has done a little over 100,000kms in 35 years and I wouldn’t know if the past owners have ever replaced the cam chain. I’m assuming its a massive job, luckily mine isn’t rattling and the bike is in sensational condition and I don’t think its ever been thrashed.

Hi Tony,if it’s not rattling I would leave well alone.
I have done the job from the top with a split chain and riveted a con link in place.
That only required the cams and tensioners removal
Regards Bif

thankyou I’ll take your advise and leave well alone

Cheers Tony

I had someone doing it on my VF750F over 20 years ago. I had a broken tensioner and needed to replace the chains. We somehow linked the old chain to the new one and turned the crankshaft and repeated it for the second one. Afterwards you need to align the cam shafts.

If not necessary, I wouldn’t do it.