Cam timing front cylinders !987 ff

A bit of help guys,Just had my front cam resurfaced thought I had got them back ok but turning the engine over by hand I am obviously hitting a valve. The manual is worse than useless and the regime for earlier models does not apply to this model. The only cam marks I can see are a small line on the sprocket boss on both cams and marks on the sprockets themselves. When I stripped them out I left the engine on the 2/4 mark on the alternator and did not move it until i refit the cams. Really I realise I should have made some recognisable marks before dismantling. Any body help out there, any help would be good, Ta.

I should also add that I have looked at all the previous posts and am still a bit lost.

hi roger,
the cam marks are located on the end of the cam flange/boss just above where the bolt for the cam sprocket goes, IF inlet front, EF exhaust front, IR inlet rear, ER exhaust rear.
when the alternator is at T1.3 all of those marks should face either up or down and the lines on the cam sprockets should be level or as near as possible with the cylinder head.

It may be worth taking the rear cover off and setting the crank to T1-3 ensuring that the cam marks that Pete described are at the top,this ensures that you are on number one compression stroke.
Back off all tappets on the front head and install the cams with the marks to the top.
When fitting the sprockets keep the chain run tight and index marks parallel to the rocker cover mating face.
I have found that this works for both FE and FF models.
Regards Bif

Cheers guys, will have a go with new info after weekend.

Hi, I’m having the same problem with getting my timing right too. Is this procedure the same for the back valves too?

hi cmurry6,
yes its the same for front and rear cylinders, at T1.3 all of the cam marks front and rear should face either up or down, and the line’s on the cam sprockets should be level with the top of the cylinder head…