canadian camshaft for vf1000fe WILL IT WORK

Hi guys I am having a final push to tart up my fe and upon inspection of the camshafts 3 are excellent but the front inlet cam has 1 lobe with a bloody great hole in it about 3mm wide and at least 3 mm deep and guess what I have 3 new cams I have bought but the only 1 I do not have is the front inlet so I have bought the one from dave silver the Canadian one, but they were very concerned it was not correct due to the part number being different they crossed referenced all the other parts on the valve train and timing set up and those numbers all correspond with the European and British numbers, The only part number that is different is the cam so I am worried that the cam timing is different . Can someone please either put my mind at rest or tell me I have just wasted £90

Hi Paul,I can’t find anything to suggest the timing is different on the Canadian model from the European ones.
Open 10deg btdc and close 40deg abdc is standard for all EU models including the restricted ones.
May be worth degreeing it in just to check.
Best of luck,Bif

thanks for the info bif I will install it with a degree disc and dial gauge to check exactly and report back early next week