cannot find one anywhere at all

I would like a plastic cap that fits over the right hand fork top
I know that someone has one but I know not who to ask.
Have now got just about all the bits I needed when I started this project now,thanks for all the help given by all you good guys.

cheers Lloyd in Norwich

I am sure we have a spare one in the store.I will dig it out for you,We have your address on file so it will be on its way as soon as.Regards BIF

cheers Bif

Much appreciated ,If you want something to cover the postage let Me know and I will paypal you no problem.

I have posted a couple of pictures for all to see including one thats current.

cheers again Lloyd

Hope you get this in time
You would not have a petrol tank rubber in your shed of parts available for me to buy from you please</font id=“green”>

give Me a price and it will be flying your way via paypal</font id=“blue”>
Regards Lloyd

Front or rear Lioyd?

Rear one
Sorry forgot to say

Lloyd in Noch

Rear tank mount and right hand fork cap on their way.You can stick £5.00 on my paypal to cover the mount and posting if you like.Regards BIF

on its way


Thanks Bif
They turned up Saturday morning

Thanks Again