carb cleaning using a ultrasonic cleaning bay

Thought it about time I service my V4 carbs so I found on eBay a cleaning bay 14ltrs
As I am leaving soon to see the sun in Topeka Kansas for 34 days in June I thought it appropriate I pull my finger out and get them off which took me 40 minutes.
I decided to refurbish them one at a time,removed all jets and float assembly and choke and all connecting rods.
Have now found a suppler in the USA that sells the 4 float gaskets for £18.00 so spare no expense.
When I put them in my bay Cold because hot would seize things up when dry I notice a lovely swirling of dirt from the first carb so I post the photo so you can see it in action,I am going to post a video if I can get it to work
Moore pictures coming soon.

Here is a direct link to my video in action

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Its a dirty job but its just got to be done
some pictures of my work
loads of linkages and springs and things my memory’s getting better
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Looks like this previous owner smoked tobacco

Nice and clean as it should be

My finished carbs ready to Race complete with new float bowl gaskets and stainless Allen bolts top and bottom.

nice job hope mine turn out that good will be well pleased it was good to meet you the other day hope all is well

all washed and clean now,next reassembly
order your float bowl seals and get some replacement Allen bolts for the bowls and tops

will call when ready