Carb issues? Pls help

Well, looks like im going to be a regular visitor and contributor here :grinning:

To my issue: I just bought the VF1000F2 Bol Dā€™or 2 days ago because i have always liked the bike.

In any case it must have been some dimwit working on the bike previously as I spent the last 2 days setting his ā€œrepairs and maintenanceā€ right and fixing thingsā€¦

Today I decided to drop the manifold as the bike was really loud, guess what, they had mounted the manifold under the engine without the gaskets for the 2 latter cylindersā€¦

I remedied that today by installing gaskets(they fitted like a glove),regretfully the bike fell over whilst fixing and lay on its right side, but no damage what i can see.
but now the bike will almost not start, and when it does it runs horribly and sputters to a haltā€¦can this be caused due to the gaskets or did sth go bust during the fallover(gasoline pump?)

If it is the settings it means that I need to change the carb settings for it to run properly again.
If so can someone please give me the standard settings for the carbs and how best to go about it.

thanks a lot in advance!


Good chance itā€™s emptied a couple of float bowls when it fell over.
jumper across the fuel pump relay(behind the left hand side panel)It has a white a black and a blue wire going into it,connect the white and black wires then turn the ignition on,you should hear the pump run then slow down and stop.Your carbs are now filled and if this was the problem the bike should start as normal


Good Morning, what else can I say except a very big THANK YOU!! It worked like a charm, and its running again cleanly!