carb needle jets

any body got any spare,or were is the best place to get some,for a 86 bol,dor,thanks again [:)]

hi fallingspark

are you after the needles or the main jets? i fitted a dyno jet kit to my vf1000fe so i have the original parts. look to see if there are any code numbers on the needles incase they are different but i think they are the same. glad to hear battery holder was right one.


Hey Gary your my Honda,s savior,its the needles ime after but ile take what you got if you don’t need them let me know what you want for em via email mate thanks mate virtual pint is on me

The needles for the FE are different from the Bol but you can use needles from an FF,RF or RG.Part no.16151-mj4-601.Should have a set in the store,I will have a look and get back to you.Regards BIF

Cheers bif that’s most helpfull