Carb refurbishment

It’s the part of a rivet that gets thrown away, you can see the lines on it the rivet gun grips onto.

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Waste not want not I say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I bought a VF500F last weekend. Seems not to be the bargain it looked like. It will not start (I knew that). There are sparks on every cylinder. There was older fuel in the carbs. With fresh fuel it runs on 1-2 cylinders but only with help from the starter.

I will disassemble the carbs. From your experience: what needs to be replaced while cleaning the carbs? I want to get the engine running on a cheap way but also avoid to pull the carbs again after that. Afterwards I hope to judge if more money is worth spending on this bike.


Hi axel, I would change all 4 float valves and seats. I use tour max after market ones as they are good quality but much cheaper! €10 per valve set instead of €40 for originals. Then put them in an ultrasonic bath for 4 x15 minute cycles, I use a carb cleaning additive for the bath that costs about €6 for all 4 carbs then blow compressed air through all the passages, the common ones to get blocked are the brass tubes running from float bowl to vacuum chamber and the one from the air inlet to the float bowl and obviously the idle jet. Good luck. If you don’t have the equipment or confidence to do it let me know and we can sort something out.



Nearly finished! Carbs all cleaned and rebuilt but found a vent pipe is missing so cant finish till I get one. Missing pipe is this one.


All the rest look really good considering how dirty the were.


20210310_171134 20210310_171116

Hi Gary

Done a bit of digging in the boxes of stuff I found this is this the part that missing

Cheers Rod

That’s the one mate, send it over to me and I’ll finish building the carbs and test them on my bike. Will be able to balance them also though it may go out removing them but it will still be close.


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Hey guys I’m rebuilding the carbs but am having a hard time finding some parts. I need diaphragms, springs, o rings for fuel pipes, cross over pipes and 4 intake manifolds. If anyone knows where I can get these it would be appreciated. Thanks. I’m in Canada btw

Hi Gary, Doing my carbs at moment, they are California ones so i maybe dyno jetting them and removing vapour system off them…

Hi giver, the carb manifolds are still available in the UK from David silvers and the o rings can be replaced with ordinary ones, measure the diameter of the tube and use an o ring 1mm smaller.

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Hi mick, I use a dyno jet kit on my carbs as it allows more adjustment and since i have a four into one exhaust and k&n filter so need to be able to move the needle position. I would definitely ditch the vapour system!