Carb serial number

Hi guys
I’m thinking about buying a new set of carbs
I’ve found a set that look right but the serial numbers are different are that just casting numbers or are they relevant
The picture shows the new carbs number but mine are 86Aimage

Hi disturbed,
The carb numbers correspond to the different country’s the bikes were sold in and the year of manufacture, although the carbs outwardly look the same they would be differences in the jetting, slides and float hights, and probably the tiny jets pressed in the air and fuel ways.
The 82’s will probably be fitted with 145 and 150 main jets, and will have different slides and will vent into the plenium chamber,
The 86’s you have will have 110 main jets, different slides and vent to the atmosphere.
The 82’s will fit on your bike as a full unit and work ok, you cant change bits from one carb to another, you will lose the vent to atmosphere which on paper gave the later models a few extra horses at higher revs.
Just to confuse things more, some of the early 82 and 83 carbs were fitted with a “carb revision kit” designed by Honda to vent them to the atmosphere, these had smaller main jets 115 or 120, and the newer teflon coated slides,
I actually have a set of these on my boldor which runs ok.

Hi Pete
Thanks for your reply
My carbs are in a bad way broken castings seized choke valve etc etc so I’m thinking it’s going to be cheaper to buy a new set
According to the advert for the carbs I’m looking at it says the main jet is 115
Do you think they will be ok ?

I think I have seen the ones you are looking at, they look like they have been fitted with the Honda carb revision kit so will work on your vf, I’m guessing yours is an ff or the f2f boldor

Thanks for the info much appreciated :+1:
Mine is an FF
Didn’t really want to spend any money on it until I’ve heard it running as it’s been laid up for 20 years but hopefully it’s all good and if worst comes to the worst someone else will need them :crossed_fingers: