Carb Syncronization Tool/Method?

Happy new year! Take care, stay safe…
I have thoroughly cleaned, statically syncronized and installed my carburetors.
Now I want to hot sync them while the bike running.
BUT… I can not reach the sync screw of #2 carburetor with L-Type carb. adjustment screwdriver due to interference with coolant pipes.
Can are any one recommend the best tool/method to reach this "ingenious’ location.
Thanks for worked out solutions.

My brother and I worked out that the only way to reach that front screw was for one of us to partially open the throttle with the twistgrip while the other adjusted the screw - this was using the Sealey type 90° ended adjusting tool. As you say, there’s a pipe in the way with the throttles shut. There’s a fair bit of messing about to start with, but once you’ve worked out which way to turn it to get the vac gauges moving in the right direction, you can get it right. Bit of a pain kepp stopping and starting the engine, of course.

Thanks for great advice.
Agreed it is bit of a pain but at least this is workable method.
Thanks again