Carbs are dumping fuel

Hi Gents.

Got a 85 VF1000FF slowly coming back to life. Issue at the moment, when it fires it starts dumping fuel out the air breather line on the carbs. Looks like it’s flooding back left cylinder too, (#1). My thoughts are a stuck float on the back left carb. Any thoughts?

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Please check;
First… sticky floats, float valves and float level adjustment, to secure there is no fuel overflow.
Second… CamShaft positions and alignment if valves are removed for maintenance.
Good Luck

Turns out float needle was held off by a piece of seal breaking down. Problem solved, thanks for your advice. She runs like clockwork now. :+1:t2:

I have a VF1000RE and it has just started the exact same thing i.e. dumping fuel out of the breather T piece, the one between the front 2 carbs.
I have taken float bowl off carb n02 as this was also making a strange air leak/squeak noise when airbox removed partial for inspection and didn’t see anything obvious.
Any ideas anyone?

My issue was the float not shutting fuel off when the bowl was full. So fuel kept coming though until it had to be dumped out the breather. Only thing I can suggest is make sure all the floats are free and not stuck or sinking.

Thanks for the help.
I gave them a birthday by cleaning the float valves, resetting the float heights, adding new diaphragms as they were very thin and resetting pilots and balance.
Also added a pipe onto the T piece to take any flooding fuel away from the hot engine and down to near the swing arm so hopefully if it happens again it wont go up in a ball of flames….so far so good!