carbs still leaking on left 2 carbs

so its off again with my carbs :frowning:
getting really good at this now
petrol pissing out down the two left carbs onto the floor when the bikes running
have replaced all the fuel pipe from the tank to the t piece union on the cabs and o ring seals
maybe its a floats and needle valves stuck thing

getting confused where else to look :-[

Try setting them up with a fuel supply on the bench,it saves a lot of skinned knuckles and time
Regards Bif

as soon as it cools a bit i will wip them off and clear my new s/h £165.00 hydraulic bike bench and test the lot
got plenty of wood to knock up a rig as the second garage for the studio is now rising from the ground :slight_smile:

will post a picture when done

cheers Lloyd 8)