the bike wont run properly or accelerate, so i am looking to see if anyone is local to me who can hewlp me sort the carbs. i am in glossop

I have a spare set of cleaned OEM carbs for sale for $80 USD plus shipping. Pm me if interested.,1306.0.html

From memory you have a Bol Radical,If the carbs on offer are from an interceptor you may well have some issues with jetting and fuel pipe diameters.
Why not haul your carbs off and check for torn diaphragms before getting them properly cleaned?
You have my number and I’m happy to help out if I can.
My ultrasonic bath is out on loan but I can get it back fairly quickly if it’s needed.
Regards Bif

Thanks for your advice big, I checked the diaphragms and applied a little oil to keep the rubber supple. I appreciate the offer to use your ultra sonic cleaner but I spent a lot of time and ensured the carbs are clean and ready to use.

I generally do not remove the diaphragms because I get worried about tripping. An easier way is just to apply compressed air to the top of the venturi and see if the slides move. You can also check for resistance when moving the slide up and down. These cards are in excellent condition I just no longer use the bike anymore.