Carburetters flooding

Hi guys following on from topic on carbs on e bay purchased them for my 85 bol dor.runs fine when you gently feed fuel into delivery pipe but seems to flood them when connected to tank has not run for 19 years.maybe pump or relay

I was filling my carbs with a syringe when I was testing her after building her from a box of parts and all was well but when I attached the tank she flooded straight away and leaked petrol everywhere, eventually realised what I had done wrong after removing carbs and checking everything several times I had made a simple mistake easily done if not very familiar with these carbs I had got the fuel inlet and breather outlet the wrong way round. When filling with syringe it was no problem due to small amount of petrol filling float bowls but with tank on carbs filled completely and overflowed due to not having a float valve to stop flow. The inlet is the lower of the two hose attachments and the breather the upper one. Check you haven’t made the same mistake.


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Thanks a lot will try that later.

These carb sets are pressurised from the fuel pump to 1 atmosphere so they rely on good condition float needle valves to stop the flow of fuel when full, The pump turns on and off when required ,I replaced all of my VF1000Fe ,s and had no problems like leaking since.

have fun

Many thanks something else to check.regards Nigel

Thank you so much you were spot on swapped pipes and runs brilliantly.gratefull thanks

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There are no mistakes we have not made already! Glad to have helped.