carburettor piston assy. for sale (new)

used to have an R a few years ago. was cleaning out today and found 4 piston assys. i think part number was
16111-mj4-671 they are new. im out in Australia but will let them go for $100.00 A. PLUS postage.
ive a paypal account so prob. that would be best way of paying. NB the $100.00 is for the 4 not each :slight_smile:

Hi Padge, Are they the same size as a 1984 VF1000F and do you have the rings?

dunno if they are the same. wot rings are we talking about ?
will send photo if ewe wish.

Any idea about postage to Finland ? No UPS or DHL, simple air mail would be enough.

re postage ill try and get a guesstimate today.

if the parcel is less than 500g its $20.20
if i have to but a box/package well say $25.00 the lot
but i wont know till i weigh them.

Hey mate, do you still have these? Also do they include the diaphragm and are they in good condition. Cheers