Carburtor fuel lines

Hi guys, you may remember my original question about reluctant starting. The consensus was clean out the carbs, so they are now off and separated and about to go off for ultra sound? cleaning, that posh process anyway. Question this time, The fuel lines that connect the carbs, 2 plastic and 1 alloy does anyone know where I can find replacements. The first one in particular is cracked where it enters the carb body. This is the plastic one that connects the front left to the rear left carb and has the ‘T’ piece to accept the fuel line from the tank. Cheers Guys Steve

Dave Silver have 2 in stock,part no.16026-mb0-671.Regards BIF

Thanks for that Bif. I spoke to them yesterday but had difficulty making myself understood, so it was left that he would mail me a copy of his parts diagram. With the info you have given I can quote the part number, cheers mate. Steve