Cbr600 f2 forks

Hi guys
I wondering if the cbr600f2 forks(41mm)
will be a beneficial swap for my standard vf1000fe ones.
will I have to get brake callipers too?
speedo box?
I’m guessing new spindle and bearings also as i have vf spindle now with cbr600 wheel and bushings??
what do you think?
any advice welcome.

just seen an old thread about the cbr600 forks being too short.
back to the suggestion box

No real advantage using the f2 or vfr750 forks over the standard forks.
You can improve the suspension using emulators and linear springs and the braking by fitting larger discs 310mm and 4 pot calipers using the brackets we are having made

Hi Bif anymore Details on the brake setup. Sounds like a good upgrade.

Check out the “Uprating the Brakes”thread in the in the shed section for details

Thank you very much. Loving the info on here. Currently trying to get an 85 F2 back on the road.