CDI ??? or others electrical

I have a 83vf 1000. Problems started with the tach bouncing around. The bike ran strong with no problems. All of a sudden the tach died as did my two rear cylenders. thinking it was the coils, so i switched them and same problem. o.k. now I went on line to a honda website and multiple people suggested that i try to switch the CDI boxes. Eventhough they are different sizes they act the same. So i did this and gained my back two cylenders, and the tach back, ,however lost the front two cylenders… I would appreciate any help that someone can give


You have an early VF1000FE which has two different spark boxes… The one you originally had fitted to the rear cylinders is broken and you need a new one… They do the same job, but the larger one has a separate circuit within to drive the tacho… Either one will work, but I don’t know for how long… It’s normally the rear one (plus tacho) that breaks…

Where are you BTW?


Sunny Scotland - North(ish)
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