Center stand leaves bike tilted right


For the longest time, I notice that my center stand leaves the bike tilted to the right a little. Is this something that can be adjusted?


Hi Chris,sounds like the stand is bent.
Check and see if two legs are in line when the stand is down.
This happened to me years ago with a CBX,the right leg folded back making the stand useless

I tried to take a picture showing it slightly tilted to the right, but it is hard to see in a picture for some reason. Anyway, the stand doesn’t really look wrong in any obvious way.

fullsizeoutput_6e83 fullsizeoutput_6e84

There’s something amiss with the foot lever. When the bike’s in the stand, the lever shouldn’t be touching the ground.

It looks like it’s bent down, with the bike sitting on it rather than the foot.

There’s still light under the lever and the bike is sitting on both feet of the center stand. Makes me think the frame is slightly askew.

Looking at the crash damage on the foot lever portion, I’d say it’s possible that the left lower portion has been bent in a bit. Is the left pad making contact evenly? Looks like it might be sitting on the outside left of the pad, lifting the bike up a touch on that side.

It looks like both feet sit essentially flat. I guess I should just find slightly tilted places to park it. :grin: I mean we’re only talking a degree or two or three. There are worse issues with the bike, but at least it still runs.

Is it the bike that’s slightly askew, or the plastic work making it look like it?

Find some known level ground, take the seat off and put a spirit level across the frame?

I think it is the bike that is askew.