chance encounter

When your bike is one of onlt 30 left on te road you tend not to see another, so you can imagine my surprise when comming out of Buxton the other day I recognised the rear light ona bike just turning up the road in front. I managed to catch up a few miles further on and sure enough it was another f2f bol d’or. and it resides just 11 miles away …So now I have another bike mate to go out with and some help with keeping mine on the road. good day eh !

In the last 2 1/2 years I ‘think’ I saw one in the distance but that’s it, they’re few and far between here in Oz!

Hi All,
A few years ago my brother Pat said i could have his VF1000F and thought to myself ‘what the??’ i havn’t seen one of these for a long time that i could remember and had troubles thinking of what they looked like. He came accross from Perth to Sydney at Christmas this year and came good with his promice. yeh they are few and far between and good luck spotting one. cant wait to get mine on the road. getting closer and closer. my old girl might not look as good as it should but hopefully she might have a few more years in her. It would be interesting to know how many are left in OZ???[?][?][?]
Happy riding.