Checking cam chain tensioner

Hi all. Still having cam chain tensioner brain freeze. I posted before that my bike runs great has intermittent rattle when warms up and I’m sure it’s either the chain or tensioner. I have another motor that I removed the tensioner but seem to have the same operation as the other. Maybe the chain is bad and that will be next step. Can some one explain to me how this tensioner works? What is the purpose of the locking rod/lever? Does the rod move freely and the tensioner just keeps constant as the chain rotates or will it lock in place so the chain can not slacken? How can I test these tensioners if they are functioning properly? They both seem to have about the same spring pull but I don’t know how that would compare to new. These motors both have about 60000 kms. Maybe this intermittent noise is some else, I tested the fuel pump which apparently could have the same problems but it seems to be good.