Clip on end weights for VF1000RE

Hi all,
I have lost one of the clip on end weights and am really struggling to find a new one.
Would anybody have a pair of standard end weights that they can spare?
I am in the UK.

Thanks in advance for any help

Where are you? I usually helps to at least give a country.

Hi thx113 I am in the UK, in Gloucestershire.
Do you have some clip on end weights that you can spare?


Is this what you’re after? Currently on eBay

I just need the weights on the end, I have the rest assembled in the bars.
Thanks for your help.

I am fairly sure the end weights are identical to another model, I will check in my handlebar box and get back to you.

According to a check through some spec sheets they are the same as VF1000F2 and they unsurprisingly are also discontinued so any help would be appreciated.
I think the fitting end is fairly standard Honda but the weights are quite heavy.

The bar end weights from several Hondas will fit,CBR600 ones part number
53105MN4010 Are still available if you want new ones,CSMNL have them

Thanks for this info Bif, I tried some of a similar size but they were rubbing on the throttle rubber grip and throttle wasn’t free running, however after closer inspection I think this is more an issue with the rubber grip than the end weight.

I could only find the long version of the weights from a later model. The centre code is MM5. They are discontinued as well.

If you are still looking for a pair of weights, I have some handle bars from an F2F I can look and see if the weights are there?

Thanks I would be interested, how much would you want for them?