Clock assy removal

A quick question to my learned fellow owners.

I need to swap out the speedo on my '85 FF. I’ve removed the replacement speedo and mileometer from a donor cluster (it’s going into an Australian spec bike) with no dramas.

What I’ve not been able to work out from the literature (Clymer and on line workshop manual) is how to get the cluster out from behind the glare panel.

The machine is literally still at sea, but I’m trying to get a decent set of instructions together for the importers, because they won’t release it to me until their mechanic has done the swap.

I don’t want them to start breaking things in their attempt at doing the work (even though they claim that their mechanic knows what he’s doing), so any pointers / instructions would be gratefully received.

Thanks, all.

Glare panel?Are you talking about the black plastic panel under the glass?

On the schematic you must be referring to item 19
It bolts to the fairing bracket at four points which actually hold the clock assembly down.You need to remove the top fairing to get at it

Thanks, Bif.

The plan is to split the instrument case to swap the speedo and mileometers over.

It’s the process for getting the instrument case (item 3 in the schematic) off that I’m intetested in.

The fairing’s easy enough - two screws and pull it forwards from the tank.

It’s the removal of everything else that I need in order to end up with the instrument case in the mechanic’s hot sweaty hand.

I won’t be there when this is done, so idiot proof instructions are required…

Thanks again for your help.

Unbolt item 19 from the fairing bracket and item 3 will fall off into his hand,any competent spanner monkey will have it off in seconds

Thanks, Bif. A gentleman and a scholar…